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To Answer Your Question….

   I was asked a question that I thought I would so easily answer but to my surprise each time I became stuck. To some it may seem as if “If you cant answer then you don’t mean it” when in fact in this case its more like “I don’t know how to assemble all the thoughts and feelings I have for you and place them into a verbal form”. I vocally was not able to answer but what better way to reply than in script, Right?

      “You’ve asked me twice, Why do I love you?. And Twice my words have been in a disarrange. That fact that my answer to your question was so unbalanced is proof that my feeling towards you are real. I love you so much that the words streaming through my mind just cant seem to come out right.

    So to answer your question

I Love You Because: When I’m with you, I act different. In a good way. I smile more and laugh more.

I Love You Because: You’ve revealed a side of me that no one has been able to unseal.

I Love You Because: You reassure me when I feel insecure and comfort me after a bad day. You take my imperfections and display them as reasons to be confident.

I Love You Because: of your capability to listen to every element of every discussion we have.

I Love You Because: of your guidance and all the things you show me. Each day that goes by you expose me to a life that forgets regret and lives fearlessly. I value everything that you communicate with me.

I Love You Because: You make it easy to express my deepest emotions without any uncertainty because I know you will not critic.

I Love You Because: your humor matches mine. The comedy you share with me become moments that I later laugh about while thinking of you.

I Love You for all the little things you do :

– The way you hold my hand – The way you make sure im always okay – They way you smile after you kiss me – how comfortable you make me feel – How much fun we have when we are together – See me at my worst but always talk about my best – The way you care – The way you put me first – they way your always there

I could extend this, but I would probably never run out of things to say. With all this being said, Understand that you are Special to me. With you its a distinctive feeling, something I have never felt before. The best part of it all is that it’s Real, and I know that because with you I AM HAPPY!”