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Your Past Is Just A Story…

They say that you should never allow your troubled thoughts to ruin something amazing. It is very clear that these “Thoughts” originate from all past experiences. I have learned to realize that our past is in fact just a story, we have a tendency of dwelling so much on what happened that we lose focus on what is happening and how to handle it. How do we expect to move forward still carrying the weight of your prior problems. We sometimes end up in repeated cycles and never seem to understand why. I have finally taking a step back and realized that we put our selves in that place, we control our lives and burdening ourselves with “The Past” we never move forward towards a different path but instead the very same path.

Hurtful experiences in our early lives have created some counterproductive attitudes and behaviors, and our relationships have suffered as a result. One complication we encounter is being overly suspicious. A person wants to feel that they are trusted. If you sense, deep down, that you can’t trust your partner, you need to look at whether this is a result of your own inability to trust or because of some troubling behavior on their part. You need to deal with your emotional baggage around trust and let go of your suspicious attitude. If not, this will poison the relationship.

Another problematic issue is leaking resentment or hostility. It is much more simple to be a sweet-tempered person, and you’ll tend to do better in relationships. People can always tell when you feel warmly toward them and when you’re disdainful or contemptuous. It may be that unconsciously, you’re reacting to someone as though they were similar to some hurtful people from your past. That may explain you behavior but it doesn’t excuse it or make it tolerable.

Last obstacle that I realized can cause destruction would be Labeling. With a label we create limitations and boundaries in our relationships which in turn creates unnecessary (or necessary) pressure. We follow the traditions of the world by assuming that every relationship we encounter in life needs a label. We focus so much on the Title of what we have going and trying to prove what we have that we lose focus on the bond that we should be creating with our significant other.  You get what you put in so work towards a real connection and devotion, and everything else will follow.

It has taking a special person to open my eyes to reality and thankfully I am able to realize and learn so much that I can start on a new path with no lingering concerns but instead a peaceful mind. As long as I don’t allow “past” to interfere and to push them away I can confidently move forward onto something great .

“Let go of the Past Story, and target the Current Story. The result will be always be happiness”