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Mommy Vs. Daddy

“Your father is this, and Your mother is that”. Nowadays this is all children are growing up to hear. Having been on social media for as long as I have been its always been a debate about Mothers Bad mouthing the Absent father. Now it seems like its gone both ways. The Disorderly between parents has become highly oppressive. When has it been acceptable to verbally attack the other parent, and to make matters worst the attacks are seen through social media. What is the cause of all this broken behavior? Where did our morals go? When did parents become so selfish?

As a parent we should know to stop and think about how our actions would affect our kids. I have a question For the parents that spend their time bashing or attacking the mother or father via social media and just in general. Do you ever stop and think how this may affect your child? Children see themselves as half of each parent. When children hear bad things about one parent, they hear bad things about half of themselves. If they hear bad things about both their parents, they feel that both halves of themselves must be of little worth. Here is my example. My father was never around, But he was rarely discussed. When he was explained to me nothing negative was ever mentioned. I will always appreciate that because I was able to grow up and form my own opinion on him. That’s another topic though.

Now my next question is for the Parents that aren’t involved in their kids lives but still chose to verbally attack the parent that handles their obligations the correct way. Why the lack of respect for the person that is holding up their end as well as yours? Where do you build up the courage to harass the person that has constructed, heightened and lifted your child in times that you haven’t? (Yes very touchy topic for me) Here is my thought; for someone to revert to those types of actions only means they have inner issues that need to be dealt with. These people are usually more upset with themselves and what they lack in. What happens is they chose to make another person feel how they deep down inside truly feel about themselves because they in fact just cant handle it. It takes me back to my last blog “In Our Own way” if you read that you’ll get more of my understanding to this paragraph. Deal With your insecurities don’t blame them on others.

As parents we will all have moments of inaccuracy, confusion and error. What we need to do is take responsibility for our actions, accept when we are wrong, appreciate the other parent for all their efforts and for the single parent households, stand contemptuously and continue to handle your business. Though things may not be fair, these exhibitions that are being held on social media do absolutely nothing it helps in no way. Its about time we grow up. This is of course all just my opinion and thoughts. Let me know what you guys are thinking?

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have in opinion on, but the hardest thing in the world to do”


Some what a single mom……

One of the toughest jobs in the world is to raise a child. So much comes with raising kids. I don’t think anyone really realizes all the work it demands until they become a parent. I mean think about it you have this person that you have to care for, provide for and to teach all life lessons to. Imagine being a young mother, or even worst imagine doing it alone. I was 20 when I had my daughter, in my eyes I was a child raising a child. I had to learn to care for myself and care for a baby. Now the debate in my life is am I a single mother or not. My child is now 6 and as much as I don’t want to say it im starting to feel like I am. Her father is in her life and that is so appreciated, I grew up fatherless so I know the negative effects that come with that. He is appreciated but is that enough. I provide on a daily basis for my child financially and emotionally. Now we aren’t together and maybe that is what causes the difference in parenting but so much pressure is applied to the mother more then the father, why is that. The worst part is not being recongnized or appreciated for taking on these mother duties.  At a young age I had to learn to prioritize and realize that this child was my main concern in life, why does it seem that the father takes longer to see that. what makes life even harder with separated parents is the process of moving forward in life. It becomes so much easier for a father to move on in life and date then for a mom. They have all the time in the world and then when a mother actually finds time the father makes it an issue. My child’s father makes it so hard to move on. My daughter is 6 and not once has met a man in my life, so by now you would think that my judgment would be trusted. I’m feeling like I’m in the mist of getting serious with someone but I’m in fear of an issue erupting from it. Where is that fair to me. I should be moving forward happily but these are the cons that come from having a child with the wrong person I guess. I never regret my child but sometimes I question how I managed to get in a situation like this. Its hard and can become so overwhelming. The mother is to blame for every mistake this child makes, The mother cannot move forward in life, the mother has to give her last to provide for the child and the mother has to lose sleep in raising this child. Im ok with it all but where is it fair. What will it take for this man to realize how good he has it. This is something I will never know but boy how well it feels to let my thoughts out. Ill end this with a quote that I think men need to instill in their minds.


“The best thing a Father can do for his children is to love their Mother”