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Is this what I Anticipated….

Life; My life. Was this my envision of adult life? Absolutely not; I would have never guessed that I would be living life the way I am now. Some things turned out better but some things I just was not groomed for. As a child I would say I saw myself living the “American Dream”. What I didn’t detect was the hindrance that we are thrown into. The straight path that everyone starts off on completely disappeared. I hit bumps, took rights and lefts had a few curves and hills on the way as well. From having a child at a some what early age; to working in a place that I have no kind of interest for, This was all unforeseen. My goal was certainly not to be a somewhat single mother, living life by “I don’t know how I got it done but I got it done” , being swarmed with bills; and having no time to pursue my dreams. Though I hit those hurdles in life I can not say it was all bad. My daughter was the best thing that EVER happened to me, she changed my life for the better and taught me to be responsible. I needed her in my life. I am not interested in the work I do but they allow me to pursue my dreams and return to school so I actually benefit from working here. I am not with my childs father but I have met someone who treats me better then deserved. I live my life now by ” Everything happens for a reason”. Though this was not what I had conceptualized as a child. It sure isn’t as bad as it could be. Life never goes how we want it to go, But instead it takes you right where you need to be.

Live Beautifully, Dream Passionately, Love Completely