“The Earth has Music for those who listen”

I live by collecting moments not things, This depiction is a perfect example. Just viewing this image tell me how does it make you feel? What do you smell? . I can taste the warm breeze, I breath in and get a sense of calmness, I can smell the purity and I can hear the chant of the ocean. The refreshing look at this photo is my therapy. Most people go through life trying to figure out how to deal with things even pay money to receive assistance in life. What they fail to realize and what I am glad I have found out is that all it takes is a moment of nature; from a walk or sitting on an empty beach to swimming or even bike riding. My moment at this empty beach gave me clarity. The blue water matching the blue sky is well defined as leisure. No matter how ill I may become or how dark moments may get there is no better cure then the graceful tranquility of nature. It is time to Appreciate the Creation around you.


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