Untold Memory of a child……

Untold Memory of a child......

” Waking up on a nice summer morning, free to roam outside and be a kid that I am. No school just me having fun. That’s what I thought every morning during school vacation. What child doesn’t love summer right!
I get myself up throw on some shorts a t-shirt and of course some running sneakers. Mom has breakfast ready but of course Im ready to run freely. So as any child would I eat my breakfast as if I were a hamster; just stuffing and storing. Barely being able to say “be back in a little mommy”.
I run down stairs and stand outside for a second taking in the nice breeze and the summer time smell. The charcoal smell from the cookouts, mixed with the smell of chlorine from the pools. I take a glance at my bike then glance at my knees remembering that every scrape cut and bruise was from me getting on my bike, but that only made me get on again.
The one thing that makes things not so fun is having to ride alone, well that’s what happens when your an early bird. Well I think its time to go and wake my friends up right? Right. So here I am riding to my friends house trying all kinds of tricks on my bike. No hands, Wheelies and other tricks that had potential in adding to my artwork of cuts on my legs.
My 3 minute bike ride that at that time felt like a 20 minute bike ride finally got me here. So I walk up the stairs to this beautiful sea green 3 family house surrounded by black fencing and ring the door bell and no answer. I wait and I ring one more time, Nothing again. Now I know its early but I’m ready to play so I need my friend to wake up.
I head to the back yard and see her bike already outside and the back door open. So I began to knock on the open door, the strong stench of smoke hits me. Her uncle comes out holding what seemed like a cigarette but had a much stronger smell and was wrapped in all white wrapping.
He says ” Hey she’s inside in the 2nd bedroom” , Seeing her bike outside I joyfully skip my way in and as I am passing the first bedroom hearing nothing but myself breathing I start to get a feeling in my stomach, my hands are shaking so quickly, I stop for a second and remember having this same feeling before getting on a ride at the carnival. So I continued with no problem into the second bedroom, which didn’t seem to be the room of a little girl. There was a Bed on a brown rusted frame, Bland walls and a dresser with men products. I turn around to walk out and before I could his tall presence stood in front of me. The stench of the strong smoke hit my face. and when I looked up a see him with a side smirk. I try and make a run for it but before I knew it he rolls his sleeves up and picks me up and throws me on the bed. The bed was so stiff falling on it was as if I was falling on hard cement. The felling in my stomach starts to slide up to my throat. I unknowingly was in a state of panic.
He grabs my face and he runs his filthy hands that had looked as if he were working on cars through my hair. My body starts to tremble, I start to try and let the words “Let me go” out but it was almost as if my mouth was saying it but no sound was coming out with it.
He opens my legs and rubs his dirty nailed hands on my body in places that I was taught was inappropriate, my mind is screaming out so many words but still no sound. He then grabs my face and sticks his tongue in my mouth, all that a felt was the smoke stench now in my mouth. Finally the thoughts that were in my mind released with sound. I Bit down on his tongue and started to kick and swing my arms in all kinds of directions with power that I never knew I had. I screamed so loud that neighbors were sure to hear, he let go and he now was in a state of panic, allowing me the time I needed to escape…. I run out the house get on my bike and what use to seem like a 20 minute bike ride had now become an hour bike ride to get home and fall into mommys arms……….”

This 7 year old child is now 26 years old with a 6 year old child. Due to that fact that this 7 year old child’s story had remained untold, there is now a 6 year old child that has a paranoid mother, a mother living in anxiety and fear. A mother that s suspicious of anyone who comes near her and her child. But now that this story is being told maybe now that mother can let go of her pass and live a positive and healthy lifestyle with her child. #TeachOurKidsToSpeakUp


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