Trouble in Sisterhood…..

Trouble in Sisterhood.....

Why does it seem like friendships are no longer valued, nor are they sincere. Its hard and Rare to find. My Friends are considered my sisters, But me and my sisters are having a dysfunctional moment. Are we sometimes to hard on each other? Are some of us just to sensitive? Whatever case may be friendship should never come to a point of destruction off of a simple debate or disagreement. I think that as friends we care so much but we fail to express it in a positive delivery. We all want whats best for each other but we fail to see that we all have to learn from our mistakes. Also what you may see as a mistake may not be the case at all. Allow your friends to live their life without regrets with out being held back. We should be stating our opinions and giving our advice with out the judgement and with also reminding our friends that regardless of the bad choice or bad things that may be done we will still be there for them. Maybe that’s not what friendships consist of anymore. Well I have faith that my sisters will pull it together, we all have our faults but its something we all accepted entering this sisterhood right?

“I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they`re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that……”


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