My Introduction

My very first blog, I guess ill let it start with a mini introduction to my life that way you can get an insight into what you can expect. I’m a 26 year old with a 6 year child. I Work a normal 9-5 and have my circle of friends that I call sisters that I mostly remain with, I am the youngest of 3 kids. Most think I live a typical life, but I have untold stories as well as we all may have but I’m taking this opportunity to let it out. I’ve finally found a form of expression to air out everything. I’m a hopeless romantic I wear my heart on my sleeve I’m very emotional and an over thinker. I am also a sincere person who values everyone and everything. I plan to address my daily life situations and express my feelings regarding them. I also would love to get different perspectives from different people.I’m all about photos and quotes; Music also is something that gets me by in life so expect all of the above. Well Lets see how this works for me, hope its enjoyed.


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