Better Than Nothing…

Why do we settle? What is really considered settling? Questions like this run through my mind daily. At times I feel like maybe I am settling but then I also feel like I am waiting for everything to get better. I would consider myself to be involved in what I call a “Situationship”. The reason I call it that is because it feels and seems like a relationship but the reality is that its not. How do we get our selves wrapped up in something like this? I’ll never know how and why I allowed myself to become part of this “situationship”. There is a song that perfectly describes how we feel when caught in this type of situation. The name is “better than nothing. Sung by K Michelle. The song is so meaningful and perfectly describes me. There are times that everything is great and there are also bad times. But when we speak and when everything is good it feels perfect and I feel happy. I truly believe that he is sincere with me and I feel like its real, But is it? How can I really tell. I catch myself battling these different kind of emotions on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I should walk away and move forward but then I start to feel like A little bit of happiness is “Better than Nothing. Its not healthy that I know but I almost feel like no one can really compare to him. I don’t think I’d find this kind of happiness or this kind bond with anyone else. Does that feeling give me the right to allow myself to be a second option or to be placed on the back burner? I know it doesn’t. Am I really to naïve or just a bad judge of character. I’m pretty much stuck and I wont know where we stand anytime soon. So what do I really do? When did it become ok for me to settle? I’m all full of so many questions and left unsure as to what road to take. I strongly believe that he loves me or is that just what I want to believe that. It sucks because we leave ourselves in a position where we wait until we get hurt to figure out what we should do. I accept just a little of attention from a man to make me stay; He can do so much wrong but the little bit I get from him keeps me standing by this mans side. I offer complete loyalty in return I get A minute or 2 of joy. Is it worth it, I guess I wont know until they set him free.

“I know that love ain’t fair, And I know he’s wrong but I don’t care.Cause a little of something
Is better than nothing. When you need somebody so much You go through the pain to get to the love..”
~K Michelle~


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